One more Global Game Jam has ended, and with 33,663 participants in 788 locations across 107 countries, it managed to bring the game jam community together again, despite the pandemic. ❤️
Although I have participated in many game-jam events, this is the first one I have organized. Thanks to the people who helped me, Đorđe Nemet and Toma Paleček were a huge support, while Marko Moljković and Vera Bogdanović stepped in to capture the most exciting moments with their cameras.
I am honestly very proud of the team that got together, socialized, and made games in those exciting 48 hours.
95 participants (from high school students and beginners, through students and gaming enthusiasts, to industry veterans) managed to jointly complete 21 games (18 digital and 3 board games) 🏆🚀💪 Thank you for the motivation and super energy and for strengthening the community. This is just the beginning :)

I want to thank Playstudios Europe for selflessly sharing their phenomenal space with us and giving the game-jam community a big boost.
We are looking forward to the next game-jam events, probably even something before the start of the Global Game Jam next year.

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