Deconstruction Club Online is a webinar, to transfer knowledge of game deconstruction to the game-maker community, with an in-depth understanding of different mechanics used in free-to-play games.
It was envisioned at first as a community meeting event at Nordeus Hub, but due to the Covid-19 situation, we moved it to the virtual world.

Every time, it’s a different host (this time it was me), and the game that participants choose was “Archero” (Android, iOS), so they had to play it for a week, document and analyze the game (with the help of homework assignment), and then we would gather for a 2h meeting to discuss the findings, ideas and transfer knowledge.

I had a lot of fun preparing my presentation and structuring the flow of the deconstruction, and it was great to discuss with the rest of the participants about many of the features of Archero.
Jamboard exercises
Mural deconstruction