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Good old Global Game Jam is back, this time with the theme “Waves”. Together with DjordjeC as a coding buddy, we envisioned couple of ideas, but got really hyped about mexican waves. Shortly, this is a timing-based party game about blending in, for 1-8 players.

This is it, the derby of the year, and Nerds FC is playing at home! You called in sick at work today, got through two hours of traffic, almost didn’t make it in time, but you’re finally at the stadium. Being the git you are, you even forgot your ticket at home, but you managed to get one at the last moment from a peddler at the entrance - what luck!

… Except as you walk into the stadium, you’re directed to the south stands, and immediately start to panic, since you’ll be seated with Violence United fans. Ok, don’t panic, just play it cool and try to fit in as best you can, and you might survive the day.

Play the game at Official GGJ website, or directly in browser.