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In order to energize ourself at Nordeus, we organized an internal game jam during May of 2015, with free theme and genre.
It was just to have casual fun making something fast in 48h (without all-nighters), and get to know each other better and get motivation boost.
I made team with VoxelBoy, so the jamming could begin.

It’s normal blackjack rules, but with hookers assistants.

  • you play blackjack, and gain/spend money as usual
  • you can “invest” your money to:
    – buy items - pimp your looks to jaw-dropping heights, increases your “coolness”
    – unlock one of the “assistants” - which have their special powers
  • “coolness” decrease price of “assistants”, so you need to prioritize
  • gain as much as you can before reaching zero, and then “CASH OUT” which will send the score to the leaderboard, but it restarts the game
  • gain eternal fame and glory by becoming the best on the leaderboard

Each one has special power, and when you use it, it has cooldown before you can use it again.

  • card counting - you get current True count on decks (Hi Lo card counting)
  • distract the dealer - in next dealing, he stands on 19 (normally he would stand on 17)
  • double double down - same rules as normal double down, but you increase 200% on initial bet
  • card eater - ignores the last dealt card (if card busted your hand, too bad, still can’t save you)
    and ones with passive powers:
  • queen of hearts - for every queen of hearts in your hand, you get 69$ (she is rich, and she loves that card)
  • lucky lady - gives you advantage in push (instead of returning your bet, you get 150% of original bet)
  • increase blackjack win - instead of 3:2 payout when you have blackjack, it’s 5:2

More to come in upcoming DLCs :)