Space exploration game, worked between themes ‘You only get one’ and ‘Colonisation sim’.

You need to colonize the Callisto moon, second biggest Jupiter’s moon with 4 rovers. Since there is a lot of distance between Earth and Callisto, YOU ONLY GET ONE command per 2s!!!

  • Mine the ore (green) and transport it back to base (red).
  • Move around mountains (brown) and beware of the sand pits (black), by watching for sand (yellow) which surrounds them.
  • Rovers have also limited power, so you need to return them to base to recharge.
Standard 1-4 for rovers. 
NUMPAD/QWE-ASD-ZXC for commands. 
P is cheat for showing whole map. 

P.S. Didn’t have time to implement building and more obstacles, which would maybe include some fun into this game :P

Playable and source code lost on removed dropbox folder!